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Tip #102 - 
Me, Myself & I

We talked about the difference between I and me in Tip #101, but what about the use of myself versus me? Myself, himself, herself or themselves is used when the “doer” is also the “doee”, hence the word “self”.

Pugnacious is 10 years old
Featuring “Pugnacious and the Bullies” in recognition of
Anti-bullying day on February 28, 2028.

Celebrate Pug’s birthday with “Pugnacious and the Bullies” for only $10.

Complete the series “A Christmas Star for Pugnacious” and

“Pugnacious Goes To School” for just $10 for the two.

$1 from each book sold will be donated to CKNW Kid’s Fund Pink Shirt Day.

Read the book summaries on the Books Page.

"Pugnacious and the Bullies" - 10 year birthday

"A Christmas Star for Pugnacious" and

"Pugnacious Goes To School"

Pugnacious and the Bullies
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