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Sweet Pea in the Pumpkin Patch
Sweet Pea in the Pumpkin Patch

Ariane Weathers describes her life as a parent as an adventure. She shares this adventure in her book filled with her experiences, stories and her own dose of wisdom.

Ariane recounts some of the hard decisions that she has had to make, and the thought process behind them, as well as the mistakes she made; but she also shares her stories of a field trip to talk to the animals, and camping in the car after a concert. This journey of countless moments was at times trying, but definitely, undeniably heart enlightening.


ISBN 978-0-9783090-8-4

184 pages; paperback; $19.95


A Christmas Star for Pugnacious
A Christmas Star for Pugnacious


Pug finds himself lost on Christmas Eve. He spends the day trying to find his way home in time for Christmas. As the day turns to evening, Pug starts to lose hope that he will see his beloved Andy again. Is there a miracle in the works? Will he make it home in time for Christmas?


ISBN 978-0-9919335-7-0

28 pages; paperback; $8.00


Pugnacious and the Bullies
Pugnacious and the Bullies


It was a sunny April morning. Pugnacious was on his daily stroll. What he didn’t know was that today, he would make two rescues from bullies, and in the process, gain a lifelong friend.


A story about friendship, overcoming adversities, and an alternative to bullying.


ISBN 978-1-926524-03-0

30 pages; paperback; $8.00







Pugnacious Goes To School

It’s Pet Day at Andy’s school. Pug is excited to actually go inside Andy’s classroom, sit at Andy’s desk and learn the lessons that Andy learns. And he would meet Pickles and the other pets too. It would be fun! But what happens when three dogs, two cats, a mouse and a lizard get loose just before the Science Fair? Chaos!

ISBN 978-1-926524-04-7

32 pages; paperback; $8.00

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