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What Readers Are Saying
The Pugnacious series

When I first read Pugnacious to my son, he wanted me to read it again each night. Now he’s started to read the book himself. A very nice, heart-warming story.


Chris P.


“A Christmas Star for Pugnacious” is a beautifully written children’s story that all children and dogs will enjoy!”


Janice L.


My daughter loves A Christmas Star for Pugnacious. She has it in her hands all the time and disregards all her other toys. We have a wonderful mother and daughter time with the book.


Diane M.


"A Christmas Star for Pugnacious" was a delightful read. An easy to read little adventure book that will be enjoyed by all children.


Danielle L.


It was well written, entertaining and touching to the heart. Bought tears to my eyes. It also sends a great message to kids to be nice and giving during the holiday season.


Jad S.


I read the book to my two children and they enjoyed it very much. They were very engaged throughout the entire story and I could tell they really wanted to know what was going to happen next. I remember Rory was particularly enthralled as she adores pugs!




My daughter did very much enjoy the Pugnacious book, it was all she wanted us to read her for about 2 weeks during the summer.


Kerry K.


An amazing children's book.


Alexandra V.

Sweet Pea in the Pumpkin Patch

I enjoyed reading Sweet Pea in the Pumpkin Patch because I could personally relate to many life experiences with my children. Having children is a big and rewarding challenge. In her book, Ariane provides many examples of her views and experiences. She provides daily scenarios on raising children, and what I loved is how you can relate to many of them. It's a great book to simply relax and enjoy every minute of motherhood.

Lynda D.


Sweet Pea in the Pumpkin Patch is light reading and entertaining while providing common sense suggestions to parenting. Satisfying read!

Samantha W.

An amazing book. I learned a lot of what to look for in the future and gathered some good suggestions when raising my four year old. Informative, practical and fun stories.


Sylvia G.

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