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The Art of Parenting

One of the great writing adages is write what you know. In her second book, Sweet Pea in the Pumpkin Patch: an adventure in parenting, mother of one and independent publisher Ariane Weathers takes readers into the entertaining and unpredictable world of child rearing.

Released last month through her own April Dew Publishing, Sweet Pea recounts some of the hard choices Weathers had to make as a parent, and the thought process behind them, as well as giving examples of the good and the bad decisions she made along the way.

“It covers my philosophy [on parenting] and what I've observed in 30-some years,” the 54-year-old author explained. “It’s about what I've done right but also what I've done wrong. “When raising a child, I believe it’s wise to listen to some advice, use some common sense, and go with what works for you.”

With Mother’s Day only a few days away, readers are also treated to a heart-warming story about a field trip to talk to animals and another one of mother and son camping in their car after a concert. The adventure that is parenting, she said, is at times trying, but definitely and undeniably enlightening. What makes Sweet Pea different from other parenting books, says Weathers, is that rather than using theories based on studies or rehashing statistics she wrote about what she knew.

“Several of my friends, as well as people that I met, kept asking me what I was doing right and for general advice,” added the Pointe Claire resident. “A few years ago a friend of mine became a mom and she asked me the same questions. I just thought I should put all of this into a book.”

Now 27, Weathers’ son was initially hesitant about seeing his name in the book. “At first he said he didn't want anyone to know he did this or that [as a kid], but I said to him, ‘You’re not the only child who did these things so don’t be embarrassed about it,’” she said with a laugh, adding that today he is proud of his mother’s literary effort.

Weathers said her book is for everyone, not just expecting mothers looking for some reading material before baby arrives. “Of course it’s for first-time parents but also for all parents, regardless of their child’s age. The book covers from childbirth to when they leave home, and every adventure in between.”

Parenting isn't easy concludes the author, but parents need to trust their instincts when dealing with children that are being difficult. Regardless of what the child has done, added Weathers: “Take a breather. Think before you give any discipline and always follow through.”

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