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Grammar School - Tip #101

Grammar is around us everywhere, whether we like it or not. It’s in our emails, business reports, school work and our conversations. It’s easy to use the wrong word or punctuation. Homonyms like your and you’re are easily confused. Join me regularly to receive a new tip in determining the right word(s) or phrase to use in a given situation. It may help you in your day-to-day writing and conversation with others.

Tip #101: I vs Me

The use of I versus me is used incorrectly more often than not. I won’t bore you with theory of subjects and objects. Instead, try this trick. When you say the following sentences, remove the second person and see if the sentence makes sense.

  • The boys and me are going to the pub. Do you say “Me is going to the pub”? No, therefore it’s “the boys and I”.

  • Him and her are dating. “Him is dating”? It should be “He and she are dating”.

  • Us girls are going out to the mall. It should be “We”.

  • My mom is giving Rob and I a ride home. “Mom is giving I a ride”? In this case, “I” should be “me”.

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