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GVPL unveils Emerging Local Authors

On May 2, the Greater Victoria Public Library featured the writings of independent and self-published local authors at the Emerging Local Authors event. The downtown’s central branch was packed with writers and special guests; tables of tasty appetizers and non-alcoholic bubbly were readily available; recognition of the local authors was visible throughout the library and courtyard. Three shelves of books were unveiled, each book written by one of the 160 authors featured this year. The authors were invited to autograph their books which would be placed back on the shelves for the public to take out on loan. Being my first year recognized as an emerging author, I was a little in awe of receiving this honour. Maybe next year when I introduce my next two books, I won’t be as anxious. Or maybe I will. As a guest, the event was well organized, inviting with violinists playing in the nicely decorated courtyard, large seating area with enough room to mingle, and inspiring presenters. As an author, the event was motivating, gratifying and encouraging.

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